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NameDue DateHostsHashtag
10 Page Game JamMarch 15th 2022Alex Rinehart 
The MARKED&MADE game jamMarch 15th 2022Nevyn Holmes#gnsjam
game(s) jamMarch 15th 2022will jobst 
International Parks JamMarch 19th 2022Disaster Tourism #internationalparksjam
Saturday Morning Cartoon JamMarch 22nd 2022BasiliskOnline#StealingTheJam
Weird Jam SatelliteMarch 25th 2022mv#weirdjamsat
Stealing the JamMarch 31st 2022Nick Bate#StealingTheJam
Together We JamApril 1st 2022Plus One Exp, ApesofWrath, Kegan #TogetherWeGo
Rackham JamApril 1st 2022 Eliot Silvarian#RackhamJam
Cairn: Forests of Another NameApril 2nd 2022Yochai Gal 
RPG LATAM JAM 2022April 12th 2022M.A. GUAX#rpglatamjam
LatAm RPG Translation JamMay 31st 2022Maik, TheGiftOfGabes#RPGLatAmTranslation
Megadungeon JamJune 14th 2022Diwata ng Manila 
Crossword Dungeon JamAugust 21st 2022Molomoot#CrosswordDungeon
Adventure Gamebook JamJuly 1st 2022Sophie Houlden#GamebookJam
Syllabus Jam 2021January 1st 2023Thriftomancer#SyllabusJam

-> Crossword Dungeon Jam I created a dungeon inspired by my daily crossword and folks seemed to really like it! So I've made a basic how-to guide & would really like to see what other people create from it.-> TRANS FUCKING RAGE JAM - MAKE SOMETHING NEW AND ANGRY OR SUBMIT SOMETHING OLD AND ANGRY. ART OF ANY FORM IS WELCOME. TRANS RAGE IS THE ONLY IMPORTANT FACTOR-> RPG LATAM JAM 2022 - An event to produce content for Latin American TTRPGs Entry is open for everyone, including non-Latines!Cairn: Forests of Another Name - Cairn has occasionally been called a "forest fantasy" roleplaying game. But what does that mean? Do the characters lose themselves in a deep wood, surrounded by horrific creatures? Or are they brave travellers, exploring the uncharted depths of their world? What is a forest, anyway?International Parks Jam - Design a pamphlet Solo TTRPG around living and working in a national park, or the outdoors in general. You may use the system developed for Evergreen Wilds by Disaster Tourism or come up with your own idea. If you've been itching to get yourself into a pair of leather boots, strap on a weird hat, and explore the natural world within your journal, this jam is for you!Rackham Jam - Write a game or supplement inspired by artwork by Arthur Rackham. It can be serious, absurd, long, short, whatever you want! It can be connected to the story the art is illustrating or have nothing to do with it. It just needs to be inspired by at least one piece of his art. You can find a lot of his art here as well as other places around the internet. The font used in the banner is Chapbook if anyone wants to use it! Promo images available here free to download and use.Together We Jam - Together We Jam is a community event for us to rally together to make old school & sword dream inspired content and systems based on the Together We Go system!LatAm RPG Translation Jam - In short, a translation is like converting content from one language to another while trying to retain as much meaning and style - fidelity to the source language - as possible, while adapting it to make it accessible to the other language - the target language. It's almost a game in itself - do I prioritize keeping the meaning or the rhythm and rhymes? Do I prioritize adapting words and idioms to the target language even if it loses part of its original meaning or do I prioritize keeping most of the original's meaning even if it alienates readers of the target language?Saturday Morning Cartoon Jam - Lets dig deep and crank up the nostalgia, grab your files and lets file off the serial numbers on your favorite childhood cartoons! This jam is primarily focused on tabletop roleplaying games, however any medium is more than fine: video games, music, whatever.Weird Jam Satellite - A jam about nonsensical maps inspired by Weird Spy Satellite. I was looking through this wonderful bot's feed and thought how cool would it be to explore the strange locations it generates. I've made this jam to take it a step further and let everyone create their own unique thing inspired by the concept.10 Page Game Jam - Take a game you've already released and chop it down until just 10 pages remain!game(s) jam - the game(s) jam is an experiment to see what happens when you put two games together. whatever your method: pick pieces carefully, do game welding, mash them together until it's something new. submissions can be full games or just text documents outlining a design space.The MARKED&MADE game jam - MARKED&MADE is the name of the system used for the hit TTRPG, GUN&SLINGER!Syllabus Jam 2021 - Take a moment to think about what your specialty is, what texts shaped your understanding of it, and put it in a reading list. We're all full of hard-won obscure knowledge, let's share it. What better way to start 2021 than by yelling about the things you love and learning in return?Stealing the Jam - Stealing the Throne is a storytelling game of epic giant robot heists. It's zero-prep and GMless, built for action-filled one-shot play. It's also a framework for just about any high-action heist you can imagine. The core engine is simple, easy to learn and easy to hack. And that's what this jam is all about: taking Stealing the Throne's engine or its implied galactic-scale setting and making cool new stuff!Megadungeon Jam - Hello! Welcome to the Megadungeon Jam! This was born out of a bit of a confession on twitter at one of my deeper design goals. I've always wanted to make a megadungeon but had never even attempted to endeavour at how to do so. It seemed many others felt the same, so here's a year-long opportunity to try your hand!


Past jams organised by months

March 2022
The Bad Time Game Jam!
VEN6 Game Jam
Threads of Lachesis Jam 2021
Dice Jam
February 2022
Random Adventure Jam
Maximum Recursion Depth Ectoplasmic Game Jam
vis-a-vis PvP Jam!
Lowkey Little Game Jam
MörkaDungeon Jam
Mini TTRPG Game Jam
Under Hill, By Water Yuletide Jam
FR Confiture de Jeux GNafron du 13/12
Paper Miniature Jam 3
Indiepocalypse Issue #26 (Paying Anthology)
Apocalypse TTRPG Game Jam
The Wordle Jam
Adaptation Jam
Made with M— jaM
The Cold and Deathless Northern Darkness Jam
Gaming Like It's 1926
Record Collection 2K22
January 2022
First Three Words Jam
Indiepocalypse Issue #25 (Paying Anthology)
DOS Games End of the Year Jam 2021
Harmony Jam
Binomial Gam Jam
ZineQuest 3 Jam
Not A Game Jam Game Jam 2021
Sex Games Jam
December 2021
Menorah Jam
Mausritter: November of NPCs
Christmas RPG Jam 2021
Holiday TTRPG Jam
Tiny Tome single-page RPG jam
Paranormal Inc. Jam!
SideQuest 2021
Christmas Card Jam!
Accessible Adventure Jam
Finish Your Damn RPG (Jam)
Half-Assed Jam
Paleontology Horror Game Jam
grimDARK: GRIMmunity Content Jam!
Indiepocalypse Issue #24 (Paying Anthology)

November 2021
The Island of Misfit Toys Jam
Spooky Friends TTRPG Jam
Psychohistory Jam
Tech Jam #3: Lifepaths
Scissors and Glue TTRPG jam
Pocket Places Jam 2021
Lay On Hands Jam
Markdown Jam
Redacted Materials Jam
Legally Distinct Horror Jam
Slasher Jam
Fae Jam 2021
Dyson Logos Jam
You Are Haunted
Vast Grimm 🎃Spoiled Spoils Jam
October 2021
TTRPG Coloring Book Jam
the powered by my girlfriend jam!
SnakeBones TTRPG Jam (2021)
Anti-Paladin Filthy Slime Jam!
Turn Based Tactics Jam: The Second Raid
September 2021
MS Paint TTRPG Jam
Six By Four
LetterLARP RPG Jam
Basic TCG Jam : Stellar Rhythms
The Van Jam
Lost & Found Jam
Turn Based Tactics Jam: The Second Raid
TPK Game Jam
The Five Powers Jam #2
MÖRK BORG Album Crawl: Jam Session 2: ALBUM CRAWL ROCKS THE 80s
Space Western Summer Jam
Zine Game Jam 2021!
Welcome To The Apocalypse Jam
BIPOC Vamp Jam
A Miserable Dungeon Jam: A Dungeon Most Fowl
Divine Jam for AGON RPG
The GUTS Jam
Story Synth Summer Jam
August 2021
IKILLYA - A katalog Jam
Paper Miniature Jam
Camp NaNo Jam
One-Page RPG Jam 2021
Tech Jam #2: Tactics
Funnel Jam
Applied Hope: The Solarpunk & Utopias Jam

July 2021
Card Mech Jam
Gamer Games Game Jam
Second Guess Jam
Tom Lehrer Jam
The Dracula Jam
Dicier Jam
Solarpunk Jam
Rascals Jam
Generator Jam 2021
Creative Commons Jam
June 2021
Galactic 2E Jam!
Uplift and Community Jam!
Mayfield #MoreMausritterMay
Domino Jam
DOS Games Spring Jam 2021
Spring From the Graves Jam
Jam Without Numbers
Indiepocalypse Issue #18 (Paying Anthology)
May 2021
Basic TCG Jam : START!
Tech Jam
Scratch + Claw Party
The Other Vanilla Game Jam
Wish You Were Here: A Postcard Jam
Carta Jam
#fuckAdobe Game Jam
Asian Devs Together #StopAsianHateJam
The 4F Tactical Combat Jam
Mock Cover Jam
Time Attack Adventure Jam
DELVE Dwarf Forged Jam
April 2021
Rittermarch #MoreMausritterMarch
MatzoJam Passover Jam
LIGHT Strike Jam
Equa! jam
TroikaFest! 2021 Game Jam
Jam Jar Game Jam
March 2021
Beak, Feather, & Bone Jam
Kiss The Moon Jam
Pleasure-not-Business Card RPG Jam
Try Folds Jam