NameDue DateHostsHashtag
Half-Assed JamDecember 1st 2021blark 
Mausritter: November of NPCsDecember 1st 2021ManaRampMatt#NovNPCs
Paleontology Horror Game JamDecember 1st 2021 Lightvsdark777#PaleoHorrorJam
grimDARK: GRIMmunity Content Jam!December 1st 2021Sasha De'ath - {The Eldritch Tomb}#GRIMmunityContentJam
Accessible Adventure JamDecember 1st 2021DnD Disability#AccessibleAdventureJam
Indiepocalypse Issue #24 (Paying Anthology)December 2nd 2021PIZZAPRANKS#Indiepocalypse
Menorah JamDecember 6th 2021Yonah#menorahjam
Christmas RPG Jam 2021December 18th 2021Long Games#ChristmasRPGJam
MörkaDungeon JamDecember 30st 2021mv#mrkdngjam
OZR JamDecember 31st 2021Oz Browning#ozrjam
Paranormal Inc. Jam!December 31st 2021Alicia Furness#ParanormalIncJam
SideQuest 2021December 31st 2021Marc Strocks#SideQuest2021
Random Adventure JamDecember 31st 2021Chris Bissette#AdventureJam
First Three Words JamJanuary 1st 2022Nyessa #FirstThreeWordsJam
Finish Your Damn RPG (Jam)January 1st 2022Ian Magenta #damnRPGjam
The TTRPG SRD JamJanuary 1st 2022Lynxen RPGs#srdjam2021
DOS Games End of the Year Jam 2021January 7th 2022Michael Klamerus#dosgamesjam
Harmony JamJanuary 9th 2022Peach Garden Games#HarmonyJam
Stealing the JamJanuary 31st 2022Nick Bate#StealingTheJam
ZineQuest 3 JamJanuary 31st 2022LunarShadow Designs#ZineQuest3
NOVA JamFebruary 1st 2022Gila RPGs#NOVAjam
Megadungeon JamMarch 14th 2022Diwata ng Manila 
Adaptation JamFebruary 1st 2022Michael Klamerus, mv#AdaptJam
Adventure Gamebook JamJuly 1st 2022Sophie Houlden#GamebookJam

Highlights (New Additions)

NOVA Jam - To celebrate the release of the badass mech-filled RPG NOVA, it's time to jam!

First Three Words Jam - Near the end of every year, social media posts circulate with word searches that are meant to divine what you can expect from the upcoming year. The first three words that you see predict what will come to you in the new year.

Stealing the Jam - Stealing the Throne is a storytelling game of epic giant robot heists. It's zero-prep and GMless, built for action-filled one-shot play. It's also a framework for just about any high-action heist you can imagine. The core engine is simple, easy to learn and easy to hack. And that's what this jam is all about: taking Stealing the Throne's engine or its implied galactic-scale setting and making cool new stuff!

OZR Jam - OZR is a framework for running games in the OSR tradition. But didn’t you hear? It’s incomplete! It needs you! It needs adventures, hacks, modules, add-ons, or whatever else you want to throw at it! This is a jam for just that.

Indiepocalypse Issue #24 (Paying Anthology) - Simply, it's a monthly collection of games from 10 developers all wrapped up in one package. That the developers get paid for! Up front and on the back end! There will also be a short digital zine with a page for each game. Creators are free to design their page to their own liking or submit text and pictures to be laid out for them.

Half-Assed Jam - A showcase of all the wonderful little tidbits of ttrpgs that never got to see the light of day. Systems that went no where, illustrations left unfinished, writing abandoned before edits.

The Island of Misfit Toys Jam - Most of us have board games, puzzles, plushies, legos, or other artefacts of childhood sitting somewhere in our home, forgotten in a closet, languishing without attention. Or maybe you're a parent and you want to play with your children's toys because they're just so colourful.

Mausritter: November of NPCs - Mausritter: A November of NPCs GAME JAM presented by ManaRampMatt and Bernpyle Press is a community created compilation of fun, interesting, unique and all around awesome Non-Player Characters for any Mausritter one-shot or campaign. What this GAME JAM seeks to accomplish is to build a deck of randomly drawn NPCs for Game Masters to pull from in their games. All entries should be submitted using the template attached, with this requirement, the final product will be able to be printed and used as a deck of cards that can be shuffled and drawn from.

Tech Jam #3: Lifepaths - This Tech Jam's theme is lifepaths! Traditionally, a lifepath system sketches out a character's history and family tree. How far can we take this concept? How do characters age, and how do generations play out? How do we sketch the personal histories of our people, places, and things? Stretch the definition of lifepath as far as you want!

Christmas RPG Jam 2021 - The rules are simple: Create something that combines Christmas and RPGs. It can be anything you'd like: A full RPG, a generator, a setting, monsters, magic, maps, etc. Your submission can be small and simple, or long and complex. It can be designed for a specific rule system, or compatible with any system, or its own unique system. You can submit as many times as you would like.

Finish Your Damn RPG (Jam) - Got a Tabletop Role-Playing Game you've slowly been working on? Maybe you've been looking for an excuse to start writing one? Well, now's the time to finally complete something! I'm giving you until the end of the year to finish your damn RPG!

DOS Games End of the Year Jam 2021 - This is a casual jam for creating games that would fit in with the games released for the DOS operating system during the 80s and 90s. DOS-inspired utilities, zines about DOS games, and tabletop games inspired by games from that era are welcome too! This jam hopes to be a good opportunity to start creating games if you've never made one before. There's no voting in this game jam so feel free to experiment and try new things. If you're unsure what game engine to use, consider checking out this site

The TTRPG SRD Jam - This is a jam for creating SRDs or hackable TTRPGs. It can use any mechanics you like and can be priced in any way you like. You are free to work solo or in a team. It can be anything from a plain text document to a fully published print because we don't discriminate. No theme. No limitation. There will be no ratings and no judging because everyone is equal here. Well that's pretty much it so get ready to design!

Spooky Friends TTRPG Jam - this is a TTRPG game jam about making spooky creatures. the kind you might find in found footage, or outside at night, or in your attic. maybe they are also friends? this is open to interpretation. the important thing is that your game must feature a creature in some way. a sort of creature show.

Paleontology Horror Game Jam - Greetings one and all! This is my third game jam! This time, I decided on another set theme for it, and I decided on paleontology and related activities, such as digging up fossils. It can either be set in the setting of a natural history museum, or be about actually digging up fossils in a previously uncharted (or already charted) fossil hotspot. Again, this was inspired by the folks behind Haunted PS1, so props to them!

Accessible Adventure Jam - Let's make some accessible adventures!

SnakeBones TTRPG Jam (2021) - Tabletop role-playing games. The love of my life, and my favorite thing to make. This is a non-ranked jam for tabletop role-playing games, hosted by me, Justin!

SideQuest 2021 - Welcome true believers, to SideQuest 2021! For this event: we're inviting indie creators to all crowdfund our works together in a format similar to ZineQuest or other events. But you can use itchio, kickstarter, or any similar website you want! And this time, WE'RE in control! We don't need companies to advertise for us. This event focuses on a community mentality. We'll set our plans in motion TOGETHER! In short: this event is a collection of ttrpg projects funding during November, 2021!

Paranormal Inc. Jam! - Paranormal Inc. is a gm-less tabletop roleplaying game for 2-5 players. It uses a standard deck of cards and some 6-sided dice to generate a world for you to explore and solve mysteries in. Paranormal Inc. is a game about solving mysteries, struggling under capitalism, and making connections with living and dead alike. It's a game about pushing through your own personal hauntings to help others. #ParanormalIncJam is the chance to create some cool content for Paranormal Inc.! Make mysteries, or playbooks, new moves for the playbooks, whatever your heart desires!

grimDARK: GRIMmunity Content Jam!- grimDARK is the most grimdark fantasy game ever designed. It is adapted from Cthulhu Dark 2e by Graham Walmsley and is currently in its A Fistful of Ashcan Edition, essentially a stable beta. The grimDARK GRIMmunity Content 3rd Party License lets you make whatever you want for grimDARK in any edition without paying The Man (me) any money. More details can be found here or down below. You can make whatever you want if it fits the grimDARK ethos. Make it punk, make it funny, make it grimDARK. See the license for more information.

Adaptation Jam - Adaptation Jam is a four month long game jam where people create adaptations of games by other game developers into other mediums. Adaptations are created by making a video game based off of someone else's tabletop game, or a tabletop game based off of someone's video game. Game designers can find games to adapt by either asking a designer they know or looking through the discussion for the jam, seeing which games designers have given permission to adapt, and asking them.

Random Adventure Jam - Adventures, not systems. I'll fill this out properly when I'm not on my phone okay? No Nazis, terfs, bigots, etc. You'll be booted. If you have to ask if this includes you then it does. Use the generator here to make a title and then write an adventure to go with it. It could be a pamphlet, a zine, whatever. Write adventures for whatever game you want, or make them system neutral. Hex crawls, point crawls, dungeons, whatever. If you're writing for a system with strict licensing requirements cough 5e cough then it's up to you to make sure everything you do follows those rules.

MörkaDungeon Jam - This is a jam for creating megadungeon levels for the Mörk Borg system. The idea is that each level can be connected to another, and thus continually played through.

Zine Game Jam 2021! - Zine Game Jam is back! Join Flyover Indies and Kansas City Zine Con for a week of zinemaking and game design! The rules are simple: you have one week to make a zine game OR a zine about games. What's a zine game? We're not picky--any game that can be printed & distributed as a zine. That could be anything from a minizine to a multi-page booklet. If you want some examples, check out the entries from last year's ZGJ.

Psychohistory Jam - This is a jam inspired by the field of Psychohistory in the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov, which is airing as a series on Apple TV this autumn. Psychohistory combines history, sociology, and mathematical statistics to predict the course of civilizations and can be used to try to shape the future.

Harmony Jam- This is a nice long jam, with plenty of time for you to make the adventure game of your dreams! Harmony Drive is a toolkit anyone can use to make a game with a medium level of crunch but a huge level of depth. Let your players make whatever spell appeals to them! Let them use their skills in inventive ways, and risk making things more complicated with Edge Successes! In a Harmony Drive game, the players have the power to choose what happens - and the GM is there to make sure the choices aren't easy.

Second Guess Jam - Second Guess games like One White Eye or The Date explore a wide variety of of topics from horror to romance and potentially anything in between. The central conceits are that it's a one page solo game, utilizing a d20 based journaling system, and twist character perceptions as they go, which you can read more about in the excerpt below and in the SRD itself.

Gamer Games Game Jam - The purpose is to show off our true gamer cred by designing TTRPGs and TTRPG materials based on our favorite video games!

Megadungeon Jam - Hello! Welcome to the Megadungeon Jam! This was born out of a bit of a confession on twitter at one of my deeper design goals. I've always wanted to make a megadungeon but had never even attempted to endeavour at how to do so. It seemed many others felt the same, so here's a year-long opportunity to try your hand!

Archive (Past Jams)

November 2021
The Island of Misfit Toys Jam
Spooky Friends TTRPG Jam
Psychohistory Jam
Tech Jam #3: Lifepaths
Scissors and Glue TTRPG jam
Pocket Places Jam 2021
Lay On Hands Jam
Markdown Jam
Redacted Materials Jam
Legally Distinct Horror Jam
Slasher Jam
Fae Jam 2021
Dyson Logos Jam
You Are Haunted
Vast Grimm 🎃Spoiled Spoils Jam

October 2021
TTRPG Coloring Book Jam
the powered by my girlfriend jam!
SnakeBones TTRPG Jam (2021)
Anti-Paladin Filthy Slime Jam!
Turn Based Tactics Jam: The Second Raid

September 2021
MS Paint TTRPG Jam
Six By Four
LetterLARP RPG Jam
Basic TCG Jam : Stellar Rhythms
The Van Jam
Lost & Found Jam
Turn Based Tactics Jam: The Second Raid
TPK Game Jam
The Five Powers Jam #2
MÖRK BORG Album Crawl: Jam Session 2: ALBUM CRAWL ROCKS THE 80s
Space Western Summer Jam
Zine Game Jam 2021!
Welcome To The Apocalypse Jam
BIPOC Vamp Jam
A Miserable Dungeon Jam: A Dungeon Most Fowl
Divine Jam for AGON RPG
The GUTS Jam
Story Synth Summer Jam

August 2021
IKILLYA - A katalog Jam
Paper Miniature Jam
Camp NaNo Jam
One-Page RPG Jam 2021
Tech Jam #2: Tactics
Funnel Jam
Applied Hope: The Solarpunk & Utopias Jam

July 2021
Card Mech Jam
Gamer Games Game Jam
Second Guess Jam
Tom Lehrer Jam
The Dracula Jam
Dicier Jam
Solarpunk Jam
Rascals Jam
Generator Jam 2021
Creative Commons Jam

June 2021
Galactic 2E Jam!
Uplift and Community Jam!
Mayfield #MoreMausritterMay
Domino Jam
DOS Games Spring Jam 2021
Spring From the Graves Jam
Jam Without Numbers
Indiepocalypse Issue #18 (Paying Anthology)

May 2021
Basic TCG Jam : START!
Tech Jam
Scratch + Claw Party
The Other Vanilla Game Jam
Wish You Were Here: A Postcard Jam
Carta Jam
#fuckAdobe Game Jam
Asian Devs Together #StopAsianHateJam
The 4F Tactical Combat Jam
Mock Cover Jam
Time Attack Adventure Jam
DELVE Dwarf Forged Jam

April 2021
Rittermarch #MoreMausritterMarch
MatzoJam Passover Jam
LIGHT Strike Jam
Equa! jam
TroikaFest! 2021 Game Jam
Jam Jar Game Jam

March 2021
Beak, Feather, & Bone Jam
Kiss The Moon Jam
Pleasure-not-Business Card RPG Jam
Try Folds Jam

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